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Welcome to the 7th Annual

Virginia Beach Bash
Lacrosse Tournament!


Coastal Sports tournaments has exceptionally high standards when it comes to the sportsmanship and character of all participating teams, coaches, officials, and spectators. We expect that all participating parties carefully read and adhere to the following tournament Rules & Guidelines.


Game Format & Rules

NCAA Rules for High School and Middle School (U13 & 2020)


US Lacrosse Standardized Youth Rules for Elementary School ages (U9 & U11), except as modified below.


Each game will consist of four (4) 12-minute running time quarters with game time kept by the officials.


The first face-off will start at 8:00 and games will run in 60-minute time slots.


Game timing will be kept by the officials on the field.


Time-serving penalties are kept by officials on the field; penalties are normal length stop time.


All substitutions will be made on the fly; there will be no horns.


There will be a 60 second time-out between the 1st and 2nd quarter and the 3rd & 4th quarter to allow teams to switch ends.  The clock will start after 60 seconds regardless of player position on the field.  If one team is not ready to go after 60 seconds and the other team is, a delay of game penalty will be incurred and possession will be awarded to the team ready to go with no face-off.


Half-time will be three (3) minutes long.


There will be no overtime during pool play - games may end in a tie.


There will be no pre-game line-ups or calls for captains. Please have your team on the field and ready to play at scheduled game start time.  


Each team is allowed one (1) 60-second timeout per game; the clock will continue running. No timeouts will be allowed during the last two minutes of the game.  


Game blocks are scheduled for 60 minutes each, but may be shortened at the sole discretion of Tournament Organizer for any reason whatsoever including efforts to catch up due to delays or in anticipation of other issues such as imminent deteriorating weather. Timing allows approximately six minutes post-game for teams to line up and shake hands, then promptly clear field for the next teams.


In case of lightning or dangerous weather, four (4) long horn blasts will stop all games. All players, parents, spectators, coaches, and tournament personnel must immediately leave the fields and go to their vehicles. Another four (4) long horn blasts will notify everyone that it is safe for the games to continue.


If the game schedule is shortened, tournament staff will use central horns to start and stop games. Signals will be as follows:  


  • 1 long blast - start game period

  • 2 long blasts - half-time

  • 1 long blast - start second half

  • 2 long blasts - two minute warning

  • 3 long blasts - end of game (effective on the third blast)


Referee may stop play for any reason at their discretion. Examples include serious injury, game equipment issues, etc.


Body checking is limited, no take-out checks and no blatant hits are allowed. Excessively forceful hits and rough physical play (even within three yards of a loose ball) will constitute unnecessary roughness and result in a one (1) minute minimum non-releasable penalty; penalty may be longer depending upon the severity.


The tournament staff considers the safety of each player our top priority and we expect coaches, players, and officials to understand and abide by this philosophy as well. Officials are expected to protect and promote the safety of all players.


Scoring will be kept at the scoring table on each field.  The recorded results are final.


Championship Seeding is determined by the following precedence: games won, results of head to head play, goals scored against, total goal differential, coin toss.


End line balls will be provided.  Please do not use the end line balls for warmups or remove them from the fields


Appropriate equipment and mouth guards must be worn at all times.


Tournament Directors have final say on interpretations and rulings.


Sportsmanship / Conduct

Only Head Coaches are permitted to address the officials and must do so in a kind and respectful manner.


Poor sportsmanship, taunting, "trash talking", fighting, and all other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated from coaches, players, or spectators.


Respect the Game!


Please enjoy the Tournament, and have fun!



Trainers will be available at multiple locations throughout the park.  Please look for a tournament volunteer wearing a STAFF t-shirt if you need assistance finding a trainer.



All officials are required to be US Lacrosse certified. We rely upon officials to promote safety and good sportsmanship and to enforce the game rules while letting the players play. We expect our officials to be cheerful and courteous and knowledgeable of the tournament rules while enforcing them in a uniform manner.  The tournament organizers rely upon the officials to keep games flowing smoothly and in the spirit of the sport.  


All interaction with coaches and players should be done in a professional and positive manner.  Official game rulings on the field are final and not subject to appeal.  Coaches may complete a game evaluation for any game where they feel that the officiating was exemplary or below expectations and turn this evaluation into the main information and registration desk or to the field marshall.  Game evaluation forms will be at each scoring table.  This will not affect the outcome of the game, but it will help us provide feedback to the officials to either complement exceptional game management or file a complaint if the coach is not satisfied with the quality of the officiating.



Spectators may not harass, taunt, or display other unsportsmanlike conduct toward any player, coach, official, or staff member. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to celebrate the sport in a festive and positive manner. Any spectators that disregard this protocol will be asked to leave the park for the duration of the tournament.


Field Size

All fields will be as close to regulation as possible.


Other Suggestions

We request that teams establish a centralized location in a designated area, supervised by a responsible individual, to prepare for games and at which to meet before and after games.  There are designated areas for pop-up tents at the park.  Players should put their pads on  and leave their gear bags at the designated location and not at the playing field. This helps to minimize the potential for leave-behinds.  We appreciate coach and program director support in this regard.


Acceptable Proof of Age Documents

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • School ID (if date of birth is present on ID)


We’re so happy you’re here!

Please enjoy the tournament & have fun!